For All Levels

Our goal at The Yoga Loft is to provide you the best quality yoga classes in a friendly and warm environment. We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their yoga journey, which is why we offer a number of classes and levels.


A Hatha based class to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind. Don't worry if you have never done yoga before or if it has been a while, our classes will reintroduce you to the your yoga.


This vinyasa class has a little bit of everything: meditation, dynamic flow, stretches and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers active and restful poses, this is the one for you! Allowing you space to explore and grow your own yoga practice.


A vinyasa based class that moves slowly and gently through the foundations of yoga. A perfect place for those newer to yoga, but all levels are welcome to take part and deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. No experience of yoga required.


A dynamic vinyasa flow class that offers you the opportunity to explore a wide range of poses and techniques. Together with the instructor’s guidance, you will be able to challenge yourself and reach all new heights. Blending breathing with body work you will feel the energy build.


A soothing and calming class that incorporates both restorative and yin yoga practices to create a relaxing and nourishing environment for body and mind. Ease tension in the body and allow your mind to drift into stillness. No prior experience of yoga is required.


Guided Mediation classes to help you rediscover your true self whilst implementing rest and relaxation. A practice and mind tuning experience which will translate into your every day life, allowing you to live more presently and peacefully. Integrating your mind, body, soul, heart & spirit so you can feel more whole and oneness


Power Yoga is an energetic, fast-paced vinyasa class that uses breath-led and playful movement to build strength, balance and flexibility. These all-level classes are accessible to everyone: variations are offered to enable you to practice depending on your energy and experience levels. If you’d like to work on total-body fitness whilst cultivating a mindful approach to movement, this is the class for you.


This yoga is a complete technology that works on multiple levels to transform you from the inside out! A combination of specific kriyas and meditation aimed at raising the kundalini energy this class includes chanting, singing, breathing and posture sequences specifically targeting the energy of the spine.


Each soundbath will be designed to help you better surrender to any changes that must take place, to help create a sense of inner spaciousness so that you can be a vessel for your honest, heartfelt intentions. The soundbath comes three days prior to  The lunar occasion is an ideal time to let go of our need to be in control and, in turn, focus on making space for our heart's true desires.


Ready to roll out your mat and get started with yoga poses? This class has a little bit of everything: meditation, dynamic flow, stretches and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers active and restful poses, this is the one for you!




Aerobic Bumps is aimed at mums to be who want to increase their energy levels in pregnancy, in addition to staying active until birth. The class is a no-impact aerobic class specifically for pregnancy, with exercise to music, and special attention on strengthening and relaxation.
The course is suitable from 12 weeks pregnant, and it is a great way to meet some like minded mums to be. Each week consists of useful information and tips on keeping fit during your pregnancy and postnatal months.


Prepare your body and mind through a series of relaxing, supportive and strength building techniques. Each session is adapted to support you and your growing bump throughout pregnancy helping you to deal with the emotional and physical changes the journey in to motherhood can bring. Maintain your fitness safely during each trimester as well as learning some new techniques specific to labour and birth: Breathing, Relaxation and Birth Toolkit. Suitable from 12 weeks to birth.


Rebuild, recharge and relax - help ease that transition in to motherhood surrounded by likeminded supportive women. With sessions including yoga for both you and baby, you can rebuild strength from within and extend that bond with your little one. Following on from our Pregnancy Yoga we continue to work with breathing and relaxation techniques to help sooth baby and active mummy minds. With time to grab a hot cuppa and biscuit to socialise with other mums. Suitable from 6 weeks.


Nurturing and creative yoga classes for children aged 4-12 years. Teacher led classes designed to encourage relaxation and mindfulness through stories, games and crafts.


If you can't find what you are looking for or would like more info on booking a class please let us know. Check out the individual teacher websites for more class info